Tuesday, July 19, 2011

service manager 2010 MP for operations manager not monitoring workflows availability

after importing the service manager management pack, you might find that the workflows availability monitors (grooming, linking and wf) are not monitored.  this is because you haven't configured a database write action account for service manager inside scom yet.

in scom:
navigate to the administration pane > accounts
create a windows run as account.  name it something like "service manager database write action account".
the credentials will be whatever account you've configured already in service manager to be the database account.
for distribution, i always choose "more secure" and in this instance i'll target all my service manager and sql servers.

now click on profiles and find the "service manager database account" which is automatically created when you import the service manager mp.  double-click this account profile, click run as accounts on the left and click "add".  choose the account from the drop down list that you created in the previous steps and target 'all objects'.  save you changes and wait a few hours unless you feel like altering the discoveries.

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