Friday, July 29, 2011

scom 2012 beta - can't install reporting services

when installing the reporting component for scom 2012 beta, this error occurs:

Event Name: CLR20r3
Signature: setupchainerui.exe

how to resolve?  configure SSRS via the reporting services configuration manager :)  took me a day before it dawned on me too....


  1. hello
    I'm trying to install system center opération manager, on a VM (hyper-V), and when i enter the instance's name, the exactely same problem appear. I have sql server 2012 with sp1 installed.
    Configure SSRS? what it mean? how configure?
    Thanks to answer my questions.

    1. login to the sql server where SQL 2012 w/ SP1 is installed and launch the Reporting Services Configuration Manager from the Start menu.