Thursday, February 23, 2012

how to remove a SCOM CI Connector from Service Manager (not supported by Microsoft)

so this is by no means microsoft supported but after doing this and then using the environment for 6+ months i can safely say that we have had no negative side effects of this.

this procedure removed the "stale" SCOM CI Connector from the SCSM console.

first i found the BaseManagedEntityId that is associated with the connector.  in my case this ended in 1558D.  so my delete SQL queries included where [tablename] like '%1558D%'.

these are the tables where the SCOM CI Connector resides:
Dbo.MT_Connector - deleted SCOM Alert Connector  (1558D)
Dbo.connector - deleted BaseManagedEntityId ending in 1558D
Dbo.recursiveMembership - deleted ContainedEntityID ending in 1558D
Dbo.BaseManagedEntity - deleted BaseManagedEntityId ending in 1558D

i think there's a stored proc you can run after this which will clean things up, but i don't know it off the stop of my head.  you can also just wait 24 hours i believe...

happy deleting!

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